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Representatives from China

Blended Marker Education Service

Blended Maker Education Service is founded by the THU Makerspace, Tsinghua University. It provides Online Platform, Maker Kits, Learning Data Collections and Smart Analysis and Communication with famous makers online.

Representative: Mr. Ying Bi                                                        


Insure combines the smart technology with art design, imitate the creative process of designer effectively, supply Startup company with a fast, professional and economical design total solution. 


Representative: Mr. Lei Lei Zhang, Mr. Yong Chen              

Overseas Mobile Traffic Platform

Overseas Mobile Traffic Platform provides traffic solution between China and overseas users.

Representative: Mr. Wei Xiang Lim, Ms. Yu Wei  Xie           

Shenzhen Mushi Composties Technology Co., LTD

Shenzhen Mushi Composties Technology Co., LTD specializes in the new polymer composite technology which can be applied to the manufacturing process for the benefits of Chemical Stability, Design Ability, Lightweight, Electrical Insulation, Enhanced Fatigue Strength, Cost Saving, etc.


Representative: Mr. Chang Yi Ren                                          

Tangdou Academy

Tangdou Academy provides users a platform to learn, read, teach, ask about writing. This app consists of writing handbook, writing pool, grading and writing platform.

Representative: Mr. Yang Liu                                                          


Wantology big data technologies are developed under the leadership of Prof. Jie Wang, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He and his PhD students in the Big Data Application Lab (BIDA Lab) have developed a host of core technologies aimed for commercialization. 

Representative: Mr. Wen Hui Deng                                             

ZhenRobotics Business Plan

ZhenRobotics Business Plan provides and designs a Landtiger Delivery robot as a robotic solution for last mile delivery.

Representative: Mr. Zhi Yong Liu                                       

Representatives from Portugal

Angry Ventures

Angry Ventures is a startup studio that builds, invests and helps awesome and disruptive companies that want to make a difference. It started as a product builder, but grew to become a more complex thing. It is now an ecosystem for people, projects and ideas. 

Representative: Mr. Fernando Jorge Coelho Moreira                 


Climber Hotel is revenue management software for 3 and 4-star independent hotels. This software allows better and faster  pricing decisions for each room’s availability so that hotel managers can maximize revenues. Climber just closed a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, raising £80,640 (124% of their initial goal).


Representative: Mr. Mário José Mouraz Lopes dos Santos


Knok  allows customers to check in real-time available doctors around you, their field and then make appointments. Knok allows more transparency both for patients and doctors. Health appointments are made easy for children, elderly and disabled people as it is a more convenient solution with a shorter waiting time. 

Representative: Mr. José António Gomes Ferreira da Silva Bastos

Sword Health

SWORD Health is a company on a mission to solve the most important problems in healthcare systems, with a passion not only for creating new technologies, but fundamentally for reinventing industries. Endorsed by the European Commission as one of the most innovative companies in Europe, SWORD Health established international partnerships, being already present in three continents.

Representative: Mr. André Moura Rodrigues Nogueira


TripWix participated in this year’s edition of Discoveries. The startup offers luxury accommodation around the world with consistent levels of quality and authenticity. All houses are personally inspected by local hosts to guarantee the expected level of quality. 

Representative: Mr. Francisco Manuel dos Santos Bessa 


Zaask’s mission is to improve the process of hiring short-term professionals while simultaneously developing their talents and increasing their business volume. Around  8,000 companies and professionals are already listed there.

Representative: Mr. Kiruba Shankar Eswaran                                     

Representatives from Macau

Asia-Pacific Casinos Rankings

Asia-Pacific Casinos Rankings is a ranking company that announces the rankings of casinos in the Asia-pacific region annually. Through the analysis of the casinos’ performances by indicators, the ranking will be a valuable measure for the local governments, tourists and investors for assessing casinos. It hosts worldwide events to connect casino groups, meanwhile enhances the performances of casinos; creates an eye-catching ranking for tourists and investors, while becomes an advertising platform for hotels and casinos.

Representative: Mr. Cheok Kin Fong                         

E-Sudy Abroad

E-Study Aboard main purpose is to help students find their perfect home. Its online platform targets overseas students giving them the ability to explore and compare different housings or areas, and also select from a variety of features, namely among others, the number of people within the homestay or whether if they provide vegetarian meals. 

Representative: Ms. Si Cheng Ung, Mr. Si Tim Cheang, Mr. Carlos Filipe Ling  



Garsland provides authentic travel experiences with tours by locals. With its website options, the itinerary is built completely around customer interests and the private walks and food experiences take its customers to Macau’s best kept secrets.

Representative: Mr. Fei Ng Tam, Mr. Iam Hong Wong          


IMMO is a multi-platform solution that addresses “Free Time”. IMMO mobile app works as a tool to improve the way users manage their “Free Time” and assists them on decision-making. Following Macau’s development and its tourism industry, IMMO is addressing the new needs by promoting an extensive and aggregated database of events and activities happening in Macau.

Representative: Mr. Manuel Vasconcelos Ferreira Correia Da Silva, Mr. Hon Man Au, Ms. Elena Pomytkina  



BEE ELECTRONIC SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LIMITED is Macau’s first professional electronic sports team. The development of electronic sports and digital technology is a growing trend around the world. Macau Esports combines live feed gaming entertainment and E-sports lottery with an purpose to use Macau as the home base for internationalization, focusing on Asian markets.

Representative: Mr. Ieong Lon Kam, Mr. Pan Teng Chan, Ms. En Jia Zhang 



Phantoms promotes a futuristic fantasy for those who love conceptual style watches. We make watches that are unrealistically complicated in both design and engineering aspects. Fusing both traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to suit the holistic relationship between the movement and the exterior of the watch. Our goal is to introduce the aesthetic of craftsmanship to those who truly appreciate the complication of mechanical watches. 

Representative: Mr. Kit Chi Law, Mr. Felix Kelson Lam

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