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1. What does Summer of Startups have to offer me?

Summer of Startups offers you 8 bootcamps that will follow the unique FastStart methodology from Fábrica de Startups; access to the Fábrica de Startups family: a network of mentors, startups and investors; but mostly you’ll have a lot of fun growing and hacking your business with us!!

2. What are the benefits of participating in Summer of Startups?

Summer of Startups is an acceleration program that will allow you to start your own business in just a month. Besides being a great way to develop your business, you will be meeting new people, from different backgrounds, and you will be integrating yourself into an exciting, growing ecosystem.

3. Can I apply in a team?

Yes. You can apply either in a team or individually.

4. Are there any application restrictions?

We have very few restrictions: no legal persons or trademarks can apply.

5. Will I join a team during the program?

Yes. If you don't have a team we will be creating together multi-disciplinary teams.

6. Can I participate part-time?

Summer of Startups will be a very intense acceleration program that requires full-time commitment. We recommend participants to attend in person all bootcamp sessions, and get ready to tackle a lot of homework.

7. Where can I apply?

You can apply through our website, where you can also find further information on the program. 

8. What is the program’s calendar?

The calendar is the following: 



Open May 3, 2016

Close June 13, 2016

Participant announcement June 20, 2016



1st July 4, 2016

2nd July 7, 2016

3rd July 11, 2016

4th July 14, 2016

5th July 18, 2016

6th July 21, 2016

7th July 25, 2016

8th July 26, 2016

Investment pitch July 29, 2016

9. When will I know if I have been accepted into Summer of Startups?

The evaluation and selection process will happen as applications are submitted. After the analysis of the application, the best candidates will be selected. The decision regarding final participants will be given on June 20th.

10. If I am accepted, do I have to prepare anything before the program starts?

No. In the case that you are accepted, there is no pre-work to be done.

11. Where does the program take place?

The entire program takes place at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, Palma de Cima, 1649-023, Lisbon, Portugal.

12. Only students from Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics can apply?

No. The program is open to everyone, regardless the university you are attending.

13. What is the cost of the program?

The program is free.

14. What is the official language of the program?

The entire program will be held in English.

15. Can you tell me more about what I can expect from the

day-to-day at Summer of Startups?

Bootcamps workshops made by Fábrica de Startups and guest speakers, about the work to be developed in the subsequent week, following Fábrica de Startups’ Methodology: FastStart.


Lessons Learned presentations made by the teams on their business model validation and adaptation report of the work that has been carried out during the previous week.


Mentorship mentorship session, where teams are accompanied by experienced mentors that will periodically meet with the team during the four weeks


Guest Speakers & Specific Training experts that join the session to give insights on specific topics such as: User Experience, Legal and Finance, Digital Marketing, etc.

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